ITknife nano Electrosurgical Knife (KD-612L/U)


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ITknife nano Electrosurgical Knife (KD-612L/U)

The single-use Olympus ITknife nano™ electrosurgical knife features a shorter knife length for better maneuverability in narrow lumens. With a smaller insulated tip and a smaller electrode in the proximal end, the knife is well suited for use in organs with a thinner submucosal layer, such as the esophagus and colon.

Key Benefits

  • Small insulated tip: The small 1.7 mm insulated ceramic tip is easier to slip into the narrow submucosal layer of the esophagus and colon for safe dissection. 
  • Small disk-shaped electrode: The proximally placed electrode enables accurate spark during incisions and dissections in areas with thin walls, such as the esophagus and colon, and it allows exceptional cutting performance in both vertical and horizontal directions. 
  • Shorter knife length: The 3.5 mm knife length enables easier maneuverability in the esophagus and colon, where space is tight and narrow.

Product Support

Minimum Channel Diameter: 2.8 mm
Working Length: 165 cm (KD-612L), 230 cm (KD-612U)
Cutting Knife Length: 3.5 mm
Tip Diameter: 1.7 mm
Electrode Diameter: 0.9 mm

For detailed specifications, please contact customer service for assistance.

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