FlexKnife Electrosurgical Knife (KD-630L)


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FlexKnife Electrosurgical Knife (KD-630L)

The Olympus FlexKnife™ electrosurgical knife features an adjustable loop designed to deliver cutting flexibility and enable smooth incision and dissection in all directions during an ESD procedure.

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable loop design: The loop cutting wire can be adjusted to different lengths suitable for marking, incision, and dissection.
  • Flexible sheath: A slim sheath with flexible stranded wire is designed to make the knife pliable enough to enable incision and dissection in all directions.
  • Thick distal sheath: The increased thickness at the distal end of the sheath functions as a stopper designed to help prevent perforation by allowing precise control of the cutting depth.

Product Support

Insertion Portion Diameter: 2.6 mm
Cutting Knife Length: Adjustable
Cutting Knife Diameter: 0.8 mm

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