PK Technology

The Most Comprehensive Advanced
Bipolar Energy Platform Available

PK® Technology delivers a proprietary, pulsing ultra-low voltage and high-current RF energy waveform to create a broad range of tissue effects, and allows the tissue and device tip to cool during the "energy off" phase minimizing sticking and charring.


Predictable Power

PK® Technology allows the surgeon, rather than the device or system, to choose how long energy is applied. It eliminates the frustrating lag between generator and desired tissue effect with instantaneous, consistent energy delivery. Other systems predict and dictate an end-point that the surgeon cannot override. Under the surgeon’s control, PK® Technology reduces failure rates and enhances clinical outcomes.


Range of Instruments

The PK® Technology platform offers a range of multi-functional instruments designed to reduce blood loss, improve operating room efficiency and minimize post-operative pain. It provides surgeons with the ability to seal, transect, coagulate, dissect, vaporize, resect or mobilize tissue all with precision and control from one workstation. With eleven different tips to choose from, PK® Technology provides the versatility to perform specific procedure applications on multiple tissue types.

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