Multi-3V Plus Extraction Balloons

Balloon Catheter

Multi-3V Plus Extraction Balloons

Single-use Olympus Multi-3V Extraction Balloons are made from thick, high-quality balloon material that is highly resistant to breaking. Each balloon can be easily adjusted to three diameters and is available in both distally wire-guided and over-the-wire designs. A specially designed catheter allows for improved insertion into the papilla and smoother guidewire passage.

Key Benefits

  • Durable material: Thick, high-quality material is highly resistant to breaking, potentially reducing overall extraction balloon expenditures.
  • Pre-measured convenience: Three pre-measured syringes enable precise, reliable inflation quickly, without having to visually check the markings on the syringe.
  • Adjustable sizing: Each balloon can be easily adjusted to one of three sizes to suit the anatomical condition of each case: 8.5/11.5/15 mm or 15/18/20 mm.
  • Two designs: The balloons are available in a choice of distally wire-guided or over-the-wire designs to suit virtually every physician’s preference.

Product Support

Minimum Channel Size: 2.8 mm
Injection Port: Above, below
Distal Tip Outer Diameter: 4.5 Fr.
Balloon Diameters: 8.5/11.5/15.0, 15.0/18.0/20.0
Package: 1 per box, sterile
Use: Single use

For detailed specifications, view the Endoscopic Devices Product Catalog or please contact customer service for assistance.

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