Ureteral Stents


Olympus UroGuide™ ureteral stents were the first silicone over-the-wire stents in the industry, and they feature a classic Double-J® design with an open tip. They are composed of time-tested, biocompatible silicone material, which provides maximum patient comfort while minimizing stent encrustation. Each stent is supplied with an attached braided nylon tether and one push catheter.

Key Benefits

  • Silicone performance: Proven, time-tested silicone provides excellent patient comfort and reduces stent encrustation.
  • Tapered-tip design: The tapered tip aids in placement and reduces tissue trauma.
  • Placement markings: Axial ring, medial line, and incremental markings aid in proper placement and orientation.
  • Radiopaque filler: The filler provides clear fluoroscopic visualization.

Product Support

Olympus offers the largest selection of ureteral stents on the market, each ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Olympus ureteral stents are designed to meet the procedural needs of the surgeon and the comfort needs of the patient. Olympus stent types includes dual- and single-durometer, Tecoflex®, and silicone—each with a selection of curl designs, tip configurations, and surface coatings. Olympus ureteral stent designs include: Classic Closed Tip, Classic Double PigTail, Double-J®, LithoStent™, Lubri-Flex®, Quadra-Coil® Multi-Length, Sof-Curl™, and UroGuide™. For detailed specification or to determine the appropriate instrument for your needs, please contact customer service for assistance.

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