EZDilate Balloon Dilators

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EZDilate Balloon Dilators

Olympus EZDilate Balloon Dilators are available in multiple sizes to allow for easy, precise access in either the ureter or the kidney with minimized patient trauma. Controlled access, precise visualization and ease of use is possible with one balloon, complementing the rest of the critical tools that are needed to improve patient outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Controlled Access: Accurate and predictable single-step dilation.
  • Beveled, atraumatic edges facilitate easy placement
  • Predictable orientation when inflated
  • Optimal resistance when advancing the sheath over the balloon
  • Precise Visualization: Complete visibility of the balloon from the leading tip to the shoulder.
  • 3 radiopaque marker bands allow for simplified, confident positioning
  • Dilation Made Easy: All the optimal features and capabilities in one platform.
  • Integrated refolding tool ensures small profile upon reinsertion

Product Support

The Olympus balloon dilator portfolio includes both Ureteroscopy and Nephrostomy balloons in multiple sizes and are available individually or as part of a kit with the inflation device. For detailed specifications or to determine the appropriate device for your needs, please contact customer service for assistance, online or by phone 1-800-401-1086.

Product Code Product Description
BURS0404 URS Balloon, 4 mm (12 Fr) x 4 cm
BURS0410 URS Balloon, 4 mm (12 Fr) x 10 cm
BURS0504 URS Balloon, 5 mm (15 Fr) x 4 cm
BURS0510 URS Balloon, 5 mm (15 Fr) x 10 cm
BURS0604 URS Balloon, 6 mm (18 Fr) x 4 cm
BURS0610 URS Balloon, 6 mm (18 Fr) x 10 cm
BPCN0815 PCNL Balloon, 8mm (24 Fr) x15 cm
BPCN1015 PCNL Balloon, 10mm (30 Fr) x15 cm


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