Airway Mobilescope (MAF-TM)


Portable Bronchoscope

Airway Mobilescope (MAF-TM)

The Olympus MAF-TM Airway Mobilescope is a portable flexible endoscope with expanded viewing and recording capabilities. Its stand-alone design incorporates a monitor, LED light source, battery, and recording device in a single unit, providing it with a level of mobility that allows it to be used almost anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile design: Equipped with a 5.2 mm insertion tube and 2.6 mm diameter working channel, the MAF-TM can support suction, BAL, and instrument use.
  • Standalone convenience: The MAF-TM supports suction and bronchial lavage procedures in the airway without the need to connect video endoscopic equipment or light sources.
  • Visual confirmation during intubation: Featuring a 2.5” monitor and LED light source, the MAF-TM provides visualization of tracheal anatomy during endotracheal (ET) intubation with adult-sized ET tubes, and it offers still and video recording capabilities.