3D Imaging System

3D Imaging System

3D Imaging System

Overcoming Historical Challenges

Historically 3D surgical video systems were plagued by technical challenges such as surgeon fatigue, darker images, bulky designs and high cost. Lateral endoscopic views were not possible without rotating the scope, thus rotating the video image and presenting a visual paradox to the surgeon.

The award winning ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Videoscope overcomes these challenges and produces a bright, natural 3D image in a lightweight and ergonomic design. It provides up to 100° of articulation in all directions enabling observation and therapy in the entire peritoneal cavity – always with a level visual horizon.

Olympus Innovations and Advancements

The Olympus 3D Imaging System creates a compelling 3D experience that is built upon many Olympus innovations and advancements. The articulating, chip-on-tip design and dual optical channels enable critical anatomical views in 2D and 3D that are simply not possible with traditional rod lens laparoscopes.

Laparoscope tip-on-chip articulating 100 degreess
100° of Articulation

  • Maintains a level visual horizon regardless of viewing angle
  • Allows critical views that are simply not possible with rod lens 2D or 3D laparoscopes.

Laparoscope camera head
All-in-one Design

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Low surgeon fatigue
  • High reliability
  • Maximum ease of use

Laparoscope optical channels
Dual Optical Channels

  • Bright, Natural 3D images
  • Minimal surgeon fatigue
  • HDTV Image Quality
  • Focus Free Operation

Clinical Benefits of Olympus 3D

The OLYMPUS HD 3D Imaging Solution provides improved speed, accuracy and precision for surgical tasks while helping to shorten the learning curve, based on testing conducted using a simulated surgical model. Learn about the clinical benefits of 3D Imaging from the experienced surgeons in the General Surgery News Special Report:
Improving Precision and Accuracy in Laparoscopy Using the ENDOEYE FLEX 3D Articulating Videoscope.

General Surgery News Special Report publication featuring article titled quote Improving Precision and Accurancy in Laparoscopy using the ENDOEYE FLEX trademark 3D Articulating Videoscope endquote and three graphs comparing 2D to 3D laparoscopy that show improved speed, greater accuracy and precision, and a shorter learning curve with 3D