ScopeGuide Adding a New Dimension to Colonoscopy

ScopeGuide is designed to provide a real-time, three-dimensional image of the shape and configuration of the colonoscope during a procedure, and is integrated in the EVIS EXERA III system. The ability to visualize the scope inside the body allows the physician to see loop formations as they occur for expedited loop management. It can also assist with scope insertion and help optimize scope handling, which may shorten procedure times and minimize patient discomfort even during difficult colonoscopies.

Front panel of UPDY-0002 power unit
ScopeGuide Image
Simulated scope guide image
ScopeGuide Image

Thumbnail of simulated scope guide image in foreground with image of colon entrance in background
X-ray Image
X-ray of scope inside of colon
Note: The images in the display screen are simulated.
Clinical image courtesy of Roy Soetikno, MD/Tonya Kaltenbach, MD
Colonoscope wheeled stand with white folder labeled Olympus ScopeGuide

Additional Visualization

By seeing the shape of the entire scope as it moves through the body, ScopeGuide provides additional visual information that is particularly helpful during difficult colonoscopies. The endoscopist can evaluate the extent of looping and get a better sense of which rotational maneuvers will be required to straighten out various loop formations that can occur during colonoscopy.

Enhanced Visualization

Via an external hand coil, ScopeGuide can help identify the optimal location for abdominal pressure. By moving the hand coil across the patient's abdomen, an assistant can locate the precise position of the scope relative to the patient's body and then apply hand pressure to the abdomen as needed.

Exceptional Performance

ScopeGuide dedicated endoscopes, including the high-definition CF-HQ190L & PCF-H190DL colonoscopes, deliver Olympus' renowned optics along with its proprietary variable stiffness technology for exceptional imaging performance and maneuverability..

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